Freitag, 26. September 2014

[Services] Premium everywhere with the click of a button

In my last post I wrote about presenting a few services I use on a daily base leading me to my next topic: which is probably the best service around the internet I ever discovered.

When I started to play WoW with a few american friends we were most of the time watching videos on youtube inbetween the arena games. I discovered that most videos they linked to me were blocked in germany. In general it feels like atleast 80% of all videos I watch on youtube are blocked for german users.
YouTube is just a good example however there are dozen of services and websites which are restricted to certain countrys.

This is the point where premiumize helps the user: It offers YouTube unblocking, premiumized streaming for a lot of hosters (PutLocker, StreamCloud, Socksshare etc.), website based routing (eg: via UK server, via Swiss server), access to usenet, torrent downloading, premium downloading for nearly every big OCH (one-click-hoster) and all of that with just one proxy you have to add to your system.

To give you a better inside on how simple the whole system works I recorded a little video (mute if you dont like the music :p):

If you want to try this service give yourself a little push:

Incase you want to support me I would be happy if you sign up over my referal link which will grant me a few days for every subscription you pay:

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