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[Services] - privacy matters

after talking about in my last post I want to introduce another service which I use for more than three whole years: (

Why anonymity is important for me:
  • Every website I visit knows my IP
  • My ISP knows every IP and port I connect to
  • My ISP can (CAN!!!) monitor my traffic if it isnt encrypted
Thats actually the case if you dont use an anonymisation service. For me this goes equal with leaving your address at every place in real-life you visit which is in my honest opinion no option.

What does an anonymisation service offer me:
  • Websites I visit only see the IP of the server I use as proxy
  • My ISP can only see me connecting to the proxy server
  • If I use an encrypted connection my traffic cant be read by anyone beside the proxy server and me.
To summerise: If done right by me and my anonymisation service no one knows ...
  • .. what sites I visit
  • .. what kind of information I transfer
You can argue a lot about this topic but in my opinion the internet should be an anonymous place. since this isnt the case by default I started using about three years ago.

What is offers multiple ways to stay anonymous but read for yourself:
The following services are provided by (spoiler texts are quotes from the website):



stunnel SSL-Proxy (more about stunnel)

DNSCrypt Resolver (more about dnscrypt)

Direct SOCKS5-/HTTP-Proxy

Tor-Socks4 (more about tor)

Other features:

encrypted 'vLAN/virtualNetwork' between all Servers

Why I trust
All the encryption and proxys doesnt  help if the provider of those is run by people who dont keep what they offer. Anonymisation services can claim a lot and stil log your traffic or cooperate with government agencys. At this point its all about trust. There is no way to know what the service provider is doing with your traffic.

In the three years of using the following points made me stay:

  • The Admin (MrNice) seems to be a very capable person
  • The atmosphere is very familiar and friendly (You know those stores run by a local family where you feel good buying at?) .  
  • You can chat with the staff aswell the userbase over IRC
  • In the past MrNice rejected a cooperation request from the german government agency BKA
  • Many providers offer just a VPN-solution while got multiple ways to choose from
  • The price is cheap for such a great service
  • Not that important: I like the forums. There are sections only for paying members where you can discuss all kind of stuff with known (and stil anonymous :p) faces
  • MrNice supported many anonymisation projects and people who got targeted by governments for offering those (eg: which gives me the feeling that the whole project isnt run for profit only
  • MrNice is constantly tinkering with new stuff which means many freebies for paying users (youtube-unblock proxy, usenet for free, premium downloading using pyLoad etc.)
Want an invite? is currently invite-only which means you need a code to register. If you like you can use mine:
2c8d37cdfae9ddeaa32220e30d1870f5db7ea683 at

More anonymisation and security posts will follow!

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